Our Aims at Active Seniors


Our Aims

Here at Active Seniors, we strive ourselves to overcome barriers, and achieve our aims throughout our company, from operations, to social media, to clients, and most of all to our residents. We set out as a company to ensure all of our activities contain more than just a fun 45 minute activity. We have researched, and worked hard on setting our aims, to ultimately benefit each residents every time we see them.

Our main aim as Active Seniors is to benefit our seniors in more ways than one, in which will have a small impact on their life, in which can result in a positive change. We focus on all aspects of life from physical, to social, to psychological, but also aim to positively influence an individuals’ health.

Our activities create a fun, comfortable  environment, which increases the endorphins within our seniors.​ This results in a positive result in several aspects.



We aim to impact an individuals' physical aspect of their life by:

  • Working on balance, flexibility, and co-ordination

    • Which can result in a decrease of falls​

  • Improving bone strength, and joint movements

    • Which can result in a decrease of falls

    • Prevent the stiffening of joints

    • Prevent muscle detoriation


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