About Us


Who are we?

Making that small difference to seniors is what we pride ourselves to do at Active Seniors. Inspiring is something we feel very strongly about and we aim give as many seniors the opportunity to partake in activities and sports as possible. 
Our unique, and enthusiastic coaching, and our client care is something we believe that makes us stand out from the rest of the field. The vision of Active Seniors is to become the world’s leading senior activity supplier. We can proudly say we are the UK's leading activity supplier for seniors. Our care home curriculum is a huge part of our company, in which maximises the benefits of each of our sessions, which we are hugely proud of.
Our coaches are highly qualified in both the sporting field, and also the health sector. Our coaches hold qualifications in dementia care, fall prevention, mental health, and many more aspects. Our coaches partake in regular training sessions, in which they can work on their personal development.


Our Mission Statement

Our number one aim as a company, is to provide our seniors with high quality activities in which can maximise the benefits of their physical, psychological, and social aspects of their lives, in which can improve their health and quality of life. 



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